Maxwell James is an artist to watch!
This track [When It’s Real] is ostensibly about knowing when love is real, but the same can be said for knowing when a song is ‘real’ too. This is one is for sure...
This is Americana at its best! It’s got all the elements: The tasty B3 nuggets, the heavy quarter notes on bass, the lap steal, and acoustic guitar. With this new single, Maxwell James mixes Country and Americana as a process of discovery and a way to say the unsayable: it’s not me, it’s you


Maxwell James is a grand story teller with a voice indicative of what the greats have possessed.
A fantastic blend of folk, indie blues, and alternative. Call it Americana or call it whatever you like. Whatever you call it, it’s enjoyable
[Maxwell James EP] inhabits a space pioneered by revivalists such as Jack White and Alabama Shakes, and James stands his ground given the giant shoes he fills.